Heating and Stirring Basics

Navigating Hotplate Stirrer Equipment Selection

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OHAUS Introduces new AquaSearcher Turbidimeters and Photometers

Clearly Superior Introducing the new OHAUS AquaSearcher Turbidimeters and Photometers—everything you need from the lab to the field 

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Convenience, Responsiveness, and Reliability—it’s in its DNA

The OHAUS Frontier™ 5513L High Speed Micro Centrifuge is designed from the inside out to be easy to use, and hard to imagine functioning without.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting the Perfect Shaker for your Lab

Do you need a new shaker for your lab and don’t know where to start? There are many factors to consider when it comes to selecting a shaker, OHAUS is here to help find which model is right for you.

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Checkweighing with Portable Scales

OHAUS presents the Scout™ STX High-Performance Portable Balance

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Your Multipurpose, Go-To Lab Balance

The New Adventurer™ Semi-Micro Balances have lab work down to a real science.

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Supporting Quality Control in Food Processing

OHAUS scales and moisture analyzers help ensure safety and compliance.

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User Management in Lab Weighing

Maximizing Precision and Security with OHAUS Pioneer, Adventurer, and Explorer.

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The Powerhouse Potential of Refrigerated Micro Centrifuges

What exactly do refrigerated micro centrifuges do? A lot more than you might think.

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Get the Most Accurate pH Readings Possible

OHAUS improves its top pH meter with upgraded software.

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Why Spin Column Rotors Assist in Lab Safety

Durability and precision are key, but understanding how every centrifuge component contributes to workplace protection will ensure safer and more effective results.

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The Importance of Measuring pH in a Biology Laboratory

OHAUS water analysis meters and electrodes help ensure reliably accurate results.

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Worth the Weight: Introducing the All-New Courier™ Series Scales

Built for speed and maximum efficiency, these scales are designed to take the load off your shoulders – Let it Carry the Weight

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Ready to Get Drenched?

OHAUS Washdown Scales Are Built for Wet Environments and Washdown Use

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Getting the Most Out of Your Moisture Analyzer

OHAUS offers tips for device cleaning, maintenance, and optimal use.

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A Step Forward in Energy-Saving Design

OHAUS implements energy-saving features in its laboratory weighing products, contributing to significant carbon emission reductions and the pursuit of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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The Importance of Calibrating the Balance

OHAUS calibration weights and expert guidance help ensure dependable, long-term use.  

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New Software Upgrade Now Available for the OHAUS Adventurer Balance

PARSIPPANY, N.J. – OHAUS Corporation, a leading worldwide manufacturer of scales, balances and laboratory equipment announced a new software upgrade to their Adventurer Series balances.

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OHAUS Scout™ – A High-Performance, Portable, Precision Balance with a Touch Screen

When it comes to portable balances, you want the convenience of easy storage and transport, plus durability and reliable precision. This is why you trust OHAUS Scout for your weighing needs.

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OHAUS Makes a Difference with Keto-Kickstart

Keto-Kickstart is a non-profit organization that treats children with drug resistant forms of epilepsy.

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Free Lab Equipment with purchase of OHAUS Centrifuge

Free OHAUS Lab Equipment

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Guardian™ Hotplates and Stirrers - Frequently Asked Questions

OHAUS is here to answer your questions about the Guardian Hotplates and Stirrers.

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Essentials of pH Measurement

Proper maintenance of pH Meters and Electrodes is key to ensuring accurate pH readings

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What’s New in Pioneer Newly Released Software?

OHAUS PX Software Update

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OHAUS for Small Home Offices

Compacts and shipping scales help new businesses start up!

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